Why RoofMarketplace.com?

  • your-personal-information-is-protected

    Your Personal Information Is Protected

    We believe that no one should sell your information to contractors so we keep everything confidential until you review the estimates and select a contractor.

  • we-use-aerial-imagery-to-get-precise-measurements

    We Use Aerial Imagery To Get Precise Measurements

    To enable contractors the ability to accurately estimate your job, we include aerial measurement data that has been tested by contractors and the insurance industry.

  • homeowners-get-all-the-information-needed-to-review-the-estimates

    Homeowners Get All The Information Needed To Review the Estimates

    Homeowners can view all the key details about a contractor and their estimate. This includes company information, customer reviews, warranty information and pricing.

  • we-get-homeowners-3-estimates-in-less-than-48-hours

    We Get Homeowners 3 Estimates In Less Than 48 Hours

    In less than 5 minutes a contractor can estimate your request since they have all the information about the property without going onsite or calling you.

Homeowners wanted a better way to find and select a contractor. We listened to the what they said and RoofMarketplace.com was launched.

Working in property insurance, the founders of RoofMarketplace.com Will Bazeley and Dave Kish identified an issue with how the carriers, contractors and insureds work through the process to estimate and select a contractor. 1) Homeowners and contractors didn’t really have a good way to communicate with each other. 2) Homeowners didn’t have a way to shop around to find the right contractor for their jobs, and the good contractors had trouble differentiating themselves and getting their name to the people who needed their expertise and hard work.

One of the biggest places this caused a problem was in roofing. The only online resources available to homeowners would mostly just sell contact information to aggressive and sometimes predatory contractors, who would harass the homeowner looking to close their business. Homeowners get frustrated and sometimes stuck with a shady contractor. Good, local contractors sometimes lose business to storm chasers looking to capitalize on an event leaving the homeowners with little recourse if issues arise in the future. There had to be a better way.

The solution was RoofMarketplace. RoofMarketplace.com provides a platform for contractors to show their value by estimating jobs and building a good reputation on the site. Homeowners, meanwhile, get a collection of honest information, with no harassing phone calls or visits, to determine who’s really the best person to replace their roof. The modern way of doing business has finally reached the roofing market.  Homeowners can NOW shop online for their roofing contractor.