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Getting estimates for a roof replacement is not always esiy, especially when contractors are busy and they may not be able get onsite for a week or two.  Once you finally have bids you need to understand what you are looking at to compare the contractors estimates.  Here are some factors that impact the price of your roof.

Roof Size

The size of your roof obviously affects the price. Roofs are measured in square feet and contractors will often refer to a roof size by the number of squares. 1 roofing square is equal to 100sf.  To get the measurements a contractor will need to walk a roof or use aerial imagery measurement information available through

Shape of the Roof

Though two roofs may be the same size, there could be a quite a price difference depending on the shape of the roof. Indentations, extensions and intersecting slopes on a roof will increase the complexity of the replacement. Each additional ridgeline, valley, extension can add to the total lineal foot of eaves or rakes and will require additional materials to be installed.

Roof Material and Manufacturer

Material type can impact the price of the bid becuase of quality and durability.  There are 3 types of composition shingles; Archtectual (most common), 3-tab and desgined.  Not all shingles are equal as some are heavier and the construction enables it to be more durable.

Roof Pitch

The steeper the roof the steeper the price! Steeper roofs require additional safety precautions and slows the installation. This additional labor required will add to the total cost of the job.

Height of the Roof

Similar to how the pitch of the roof impacts the price of the roof, multiple stories will add to the cost. Most companies will charge an additional amount for 2 or 3 story access.

Existing Layers and Decking

Sometimes the hidden elements will add to the total cost.  Additional layers of shingles will add to the cost due to increased labor and waste fees.  Decking replacement with new plywood or OSB decking boards will also add to the cost.  This is necessary when the existing boards are weak or rotted, or in the event that your old composition roof was installed overtop of an older wood shake roof.

Code Compliance

Depending on local, county or state building codes additional work may be required to install your new roof raising the over all cost.

Accessibility to the Roof

If you have a roof with many slopes that are difficult for the workers to access, it could affect the price. Other factors could include close proximity to neighboring properties, large tree branches; extensive landscaping, pools etc. Any of these cahllenges could impact the contractor’s price if they present a significant challenge when removing or installing your roof.


Like anything, location will impact the price of the roof to cover their trip travel to and from the site.

It goes without saying EVERONE is looking for a deal but the good roofers will build a bid based on all these factors and provide you with an accurate price that will limit any surprises during the job.  Sometimes if the price is too good to be true it problably is.  Look at all the factors of the bid including contractor's licensing, insurance, customer feedback and of course price.