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When a storm hits an area you are guarenteed that the following will happen:

- Storm chasing contractors will flood the area trying to capitalize on the suspected damage

- Homeowners will have lots of door hangers and sales people knocking at their door

- Homeowner's phones will start rining with calls from call centers and lead generation sites that are selling a contractors services

- News articles will follow warning homeowners about the issue and advising homeowners to use a "local" contractor and that they should "DO THEIR HOMEWORK"

- Every contractor will try to tell you they are only trying to look out for your best interests and that in EVERY instance a new roof is necessary

This presents a big problem for homeowners that may not know what to do and quite frankly just wants the new roof to be installed by a competent roofer who is accountable for their work.  

Once the need for a new roof has been verified and acknowledged by the homeowner they need to get estimates and to try to compare the offerings and the companies.  It is now time for the homeowners to start their homework.  "Time" is the key word here, as it can take homeowners weeks to collect all the information they need to select the best contractor for their needs.  At the very least you need to know the follow:

- Company Information: Years in business, Office Location, Certifications, Affiliations and Customer Ratings/Reviews

- Estimate Details: What is being installed, What is included, What is labor and material warranty, Is their additional coverage available

- Estimate PRICE: Total price should include ALL local code and safety

Conditional prices: This covers all the "What ifs" that may come up such as decking or other details

This may seem like a daunting challenge but don't worry, has made this easy by enabling contractors the ability to send you an estimate online with all the information you need in a standardized format.  

You could meet with 3 contractors but WHY?