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A career as a roofing contractor is hard yet rewarding work.  Long days selling jobs, managing crews, providing customer service, making payroll, these are just some of the tasks that you can expect to encounter for someone looking to start a roofing business.  In order to get started however you will need to check with your state and local municipalities to find out what items are required.  Certain states require licenses, insurance minimums and credentials, while other states may require some or even none of these.

Here is a look at the state of Florida, and what is required to become a roofing contractor.   In Florida, a Division 2 Certified Contractor License is required to become a registered roofing contractor.  

* Applicants must be at least 18 years of age

* Application Fees Paid (Either $309 or $209 depending on when you are applying)

* Electronic Fingerprints for Application

* Any Supporting Legal Documentation if necessary per the application.

* Proof of satisfaction of liens, judgments, discharge of bankruptcy if applicable.

* Copy of current local competency card (Professional testing required through the The Bureau of Education and Testing (BET) )

* Demonstrate Financial Responsibility and Stability - Credit report of 660 or higher. (If score is below 660 a construction license bond or irrevocable letter of credit would be required)

* General Liability insurance:

    1 - General and Building Contractors - $300,000 public liability; $50,000 property damage

    2 - All other categories - $100,000 public liability; $25,000 property damage

* Workers Compensation insurance

Before you can begin working as a licensed Florida Roofing Contractor you will need to fulfill the above requirements.   When applying be sure that you are applying for the correct licensing for your business needs.  Registration licenses are for certain locales, whereas Certification licenses apply statewide throughout Florida.  For the latest updated requirement information go to