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Working as a catastrophic property insurance adjuster was one of the most challenging yet enjoyable jobs I ever had.  Being deployed all around the country for major disasters and helping folks piece their lives back together after such events is a very rewarding profession by nature.  The homeowners I met for the most part were pleasant and excited to see me, and most were very honest people that just wanted their home fixed and have things back to normal as quickly as possible.   

As a property adjuster dealing with mostly wind and hail related events I often found myself up on a roof.  Working over 12 years in the field I found myself inspecting thousands of roofs and attics looking for damages and hunting down the root cause of many roof leaks.  Often when I had determined the damages and informed the homeowner that their roof would need replacing I would hear the same thing over and over- “Who should I use?” I was usually asked that because they had either been overwhelmed with solicitors at their door and didn’t know who to trust, or they hadn’t been able to get anyone to come out at all.  

Often I would get calls from homeowners on big events even a couple months later saying that they haven’t been able to get someone to give them a price.  Having previously worked for a smaller family owned roofing company myself, I understood how hectic it can be for many of those companies to manage all the soliciting, estimating, project supervision etc, in times of high demand.  Exposure to both sides of the homeowner/contractor matching process gave me great insight to the frustrations and wasted resources that comes with having the parties connect via traditional methods.

Homeowners usually end up having to meet with a handful of contractors, taking time off work or using up valuable weekend hours to do so.  Then they still typically end up researching their options by going on line or calling around for reviews and samples of work.  For contractors it can be equally frustrating and expensive too!  Whether they spend days knocking on hundreds of doors, or spend thousands of dollars for names on lead generation sites, prospecting for qualified leads is an expensive way to find new business.

At we have worked hard to provide a solution that is a win win for all parties.  We leverage aerial measurement technology combined  with our e-marketplace to now enable contractors to submit  accurate estimates along with warranty and company profile information to customers in minutes!  Contractors are not given the name, address or any other contact information of the homeowner, so our homeowners receive no phone calls,e mails or door knocking solicitations.  Contractors are given the zip code of the request along with all the specs of the job and measurements, everything they need to accurately bid the job.  Once the homeowner has made the selection, the two parties are joined and the winning contractor is charged a commission. By only charging the selected contractor we have created a marketplace environment that allows contractors to estimate jobs quickly, efficiently and at a very cost effective way compared to typical lead generation sites.

Launching in late spring of 2013 we have already seen phenomenal results for our homeowners.  Though the site states multiple bids within 72 hours , most jobs usally have 2-4 estimates submitted within the first 12 hours of creating the request.  Aside from homeowners, Insurance Adjusters, Realtors, and Property Managers have also been a large part of our customer base. offers an easy to use RM ProAssist tool that allows industry professionals to create a detailed request for the roof work that needs to be done.  Just type in the zip code of the job request, enter in the type of roof and any other important details and within minutes the process begins.  Insurance adjusters find great value in being able to help their homeowners with making a recommendation to specific contractor. Realtors use the estimates to help calculate closing costs while providing the homeowners with a list of contractors and pricing standing by to replace their roof.

It is an exciting time to be in the construction services industry, and is proud to be one of the leaders in bringing improvements to homeowners and contractors alike!

David Kish is a co-founder of and has over 15 years’ experience in the Construction and Property Insurance industries.