Why Contractors Need RoofMarketplace.com

The RoofMarketplace.com platform brings qualified leads to vetted local contractors who are ready to work on roof replacements due to insurance claims, real estate transaction or when the homeowner says it is time.  By having all the detailed information about a job including the materials and measurements roofers you can easily estimate the cost of the work and then follow up on the opportunity directly with the homeowner.

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    Get Free, Ready-to-Start Roofing Leads:

    Homeowners using RoofMarketplace.com know their needs and are ready to find a contractor NOW. They’re also going to give your company a serious look, since only a limited number of contractors are bidding - versus a homeowner being battered by dozens of aggressive sales calls from your competition.

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    Only Estimate When You Want To:

    You know which customers will be the most profitable for your business. RoofMarketplace shows you all the information about a request so you can target the jobs you want to win.

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    Strong, New, Local Opportunities:

    Consumers have changed the way they shop for goods and services and expect the same when searching for a contractor to roof their home. RoofMarketplace enables you to target these empowered consumers at the moment of decision. And the best part? You don’t have to pay us anything unless you win the bid. We don’t make money unless you’re making more.

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    Estimates are Fast and Simple:

    You make money replacing the roof not writing the estimate. By having all the information about the request and your settings saved in your profile you can easily write an estimate in less than 5 minutes.

Apply to become a Certified RoofMarketplace.com Contractor

Not every contractor is the right fit for RoofMarketplace.com. We want only the most qualified, trustworthy companies to maintain our reputation with homeowners. All contractors are thoroughly vetted by our team before they can start bidding on jobs. Think you’ve got what it takes? Contact us at info@roofmarketplace.com to get started.

Questions From Contractors Like You

Can I save bid packages

You can easily create and edit your bid packages that will save you time entereing all the details on each bid.  You can include preferred materials, warranty information and other claim details that homeowner will use to evaluate and compare the estimate.  This short video shows you exactly how to save a bid package, https://youtu.be/XbTjrbV_DUk.

What is the fee for jobs that I win

The contractor who wins the job will be billed 3.5% of the sale.  No fees are charged if the contractor was not selected.

Can I change my pricing on site if the scope is different than reported in the auction?

Yes. Your bids are submitted per the specified scope with all local codes and permits taken into account. If the actual scope is different then the original request you will have the opportunity to price the job accordingly.

What must be included in the estimate?

Based upon the aerial measurements for the property and the scope of work outlined in the request, all estimates must include the total labor and material costs to complete roof per local code requirements along with any taxes, fees and permit costs that would need to be included.

Can I contact the homeowner?

Yes, not only will you have the homeowners contact information 2 days about the estimaitng period closes you can also communicate through the RoofMarketplace.com Message Board

How much does it cost to access opportunities in my area?

To access opportunities in your area an annual membership fee is billed to your credit card. Although there are no fees for submitting a bid, contractors will be billed 3.5% of the sales price when a contract is signed for work.

How do I get access to opportunities in my area?

You will need to register at https://www.roofmarketplace.com/contractor to become a qualified RoofMarketplace contractor. The registration will include information about your company, documentation about applicable licensing and insurance and credit card information for billing. After you have completed your registration you will be contacted to verify documentation about your credentials.

Does RoofMarketplace.com retain any of my credit card or financial information?

No, RoofMarketplace.com has partnered with a third-party payment system that processes the payments for us. RoofMarketplace.com does not retain any financial information in the databases.

What can I learn on RoofMarketplace.com about the contractors providing estimates for my roof?

RoofMarketplace.com has a section on the website for roofing contractor profiles. All roofing contractors participating in RoofMarketplace.com are encouraged to keep an up-to-date profile with information about their business and past successes. In addition to the roofing contractor profile pages, RoofMarketplace.com requires positive testimonials from past customers before any roofing contractor can be eligible to submit estimates. These testimonials are then documented in the roofing contractor review section. Finally, we encourage all homeowners and property managers who are using the RoofMarketplace.com to submit feedback and ratings following a roofing project completion. These are also available to view on the roofing contractor's company profile.

How can RoofMarketplace.com accurately measure my roof and property?

RoofMarketplace.com has partnered with the industry leader in cutting-edge aerial measurement technology. Through the use of aerial images and patented technology we are able to provide all the details about the roof including total size, information about the ridges, valleys, pitch along with other additional details. This process has been vetted and is frequently used by the construction and insurance industries.  It is scientifically accurate and has proven to be a reliable method used by professional estimators to measure roofs.

Are the roofing contractors in RoofMarketplace.com licensed and do they have insurance?

All roofing contractors in RoofMarketplace.com are required to document their current license and insurance information. RoofMarketplace does make every effort possible to verify that all information is current. However, when you select any contractor to work with you are always encouraged to verify the contractors documentation as well before signing a contract.

Is RoofMarketplace.com available in my area?

The RoofMarketplace.com team is committing to making RoofMarketplace.com available in all parts of the United States, but will only open up services when we have roofing contractors available to compete for your business. We hate to disappoint people. To check if your city is available for service please use the search box below. We'll be able to tell you instantly if we're in your area. If by chance we are not yet in your area, rest assured, we're trying to get there soon.

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