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In less than 5 minutes you can tell us about your property and set up an account which will get you up to 3 estimates online from local contractors in less than 3 days without meetings or calls.  Your contact information is kept safe and secured.

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In less than 3 days, you’ll receive up to 3 estimates from local contractors who are part of your community.

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An intuitive dashboard compares all the contractor quotes to help you decide the best choice for you. Including cost of the job, contractor profile, rating, warranty information and more.


For residential homeowners, we don’t charge a single penny. We don’t ask for a credit card number and you never write us a check. It’s a truly free way to find the contractor that best fits your project.

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If it is time to replace your old roof you need to use to shop for a roofer online.  Check out how easy the process can be and save money today.

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Nobody else offers what RoofMarketplace has - privacy, security, simplicity and the best in technology to save you money and make installing a new roof as inexpensive and easy as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's from homeowners like you!

How many estimates will I receive?

RoofMarketplace strives to get you 3 estimates per request from vetted local contractors.

What must be included in the estimate?

Based upon the aerial measurements for the property and the scope of work outlined in the request, all estimates must include the total labor and material costs to complete roof per local code requirements along with any taxes, fees and permit costs that would need to be included.

What can I learn on about the contractors providing estimates for my roof? has a section on the website for roofing contractor profiles. All roofing contractors participating in are encouraged to keep an up-to-date profile with information about their business and past successes. In addition to the roofing contractor profile pages, requires positive testimonials from past customers before any roofing contractor can be eligible to submit estimates. These testimonials are then documented in the roofing contractor review section. Finally, we encourage all homeowners and property managers who are using the to submit feedback and ratings following a roofing project completion. These are also available to view on the roofing contractor's company profile.

How can accurately measure my roof and property? has partnered with the industry leader in cutting-edge aerial measurement technology. Through the use of aerial images and patented technology we are able to provide all the details about the roof including total size, information about the ridges, valleys, pitch along with other additional details. This process has been vetted and is frequently used by the construction and insurance industries.  It is scientifically accurate and has proven to be a reliable method used by professional estimators to measure roofs.

What if I want to know more information about a contractor before I select to meet with one?

Not only do the contractors have profiles that will tell you a lot about them such as photos, company information and reviews but you can also ask them questions through the Message Board.  After the estimating period has closed contractors who sent you an estimate will be able to contact you directly to follow up on any questions or specific needs.

Are the roofing contractors in licensed and do they have insurance?

All roofing contractors in are required to document their current license and insurance information. RoofMarketplace does make every effort possible to verify that all information is current. However, when you select any contractor to work with you are always encouraged to verify the contractors documentation as well before signing a contract.

Will I get calls from contractors wanting to meet with me in person?

Yes, after the estimating period has closed and you have received up to 3 estimates contractors will have the option to follow up on their estimate and contact you directly to address any additional roofing details and your questions.  We believe this will provide you with the BEST opportunity to work with a great local contractor. 

Will I get emails from contractors? has set up a Message Board where both the contractor and homeowner can initiate a conversation or ask questions of the other party.  The Message Board does not reveal your personal identity, contact information or email address.  You will however receive email notification from when someone posts a message for you to read.

I chose a contractor through that is not a good match

No problem, if you select to meet a contractor immediately after you receive 1 of the 3 estimates you can simply connect with one of the others when they follow up on their estimate after they receive your information after the estimating period closes.

Is the contractor or general contractor on my roof replacement job?

No. is the platform that helps homeowners and property managers save time and money by connecting them with qualified roofing contractors who are interested in working on your job. The work contract is finalized between you and your chosen roofing contractor.

How much does it cost me to find a roofing contractor on

The service of connecting you with your selected contractor at is free. The homeowner doesn't pay anything to receive multiple estimates online through the site. Once you have met your selected roofer and then agree to a contract, you will need to pay them according to the terms of your agreement in order to get your new roof put on.


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