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What factors determine the price of a roof? SizeThe size of your roof obviously affects the price. Roofs are measured in square feet and contractors will often refer to a roof size by the number of squares. A roofing square is equal to 100sf. ShapeThough two roofs may be the same size, there could be a quite a price difference depending on the shape of the roof. The more indentations, extensions and intersecting slopes a roof has in its design the more it can add to the total price. Each additional ridgeline, valley, extension can add to the total lineal foot of eaves or rakes will require additional materials to be installed. Valley flashing, ice and water barriers, drip edge, ridge caps and ridge venting are all components that will require additional cost to be added to your estimate. Type of RoofingThe material type that you purchase for your roof affects the bid price. There is a basic 3 tab or 3 in 1 style, Architectural or Laminated (Most Common) and then you designer or premium level shingles. Each of the major manufacturers will have their own individual characteristics, the thicker the shingle the heavier it will be rated for durability. PitchThe steeper the roof the steeper the price! Steeper roofs require additional safety precautions and create slower installation speeds. This additional labor required will add to the total cost of the job. HeightSimilar to the roof’s pitch affect on price, the higher the roof typically the higher the price. Most companies will charge an additional amount for 2 or 3 story access. Existing Layers and DeckingSometimes it’s what’s under the roof that will end up adding a significant extra amount to your price. For homes that have had a “roof over” in the past and have more then one layer of composition shingles on the house there is additional cost that will be incurred to remove the extra layers before installing a new roof. Also homes that require new plywood or OSB decking boards to be installed before the new roof goes on will also be more expensive. This is necessary when the existing boards are weak or rotted, or in the event that your old composition roof was installed overtop of an older wood shake roof. AccessibilityIf you have a roof with many slopes that are difficult for the workers to access, it could affect the price. Extremely close neighboring properties, large tree branches; extensive landscaping, pools etc. these are some of the items that contractors have to work around in order to ensure no collateral damage is caused. Any of these or other items could affect the contractor’s price in the event that the item presents a significant challenge when removing or installing your roof. ProximitySometimes contractors will charge more for the same job if it requires extensive travel or lots of crosstown traffic each day that creates down time for their crews.