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No calls or meetings. Your contact information is confidential until your insurance carrier or you share it with the roofing professional.

Local Vendors

You are provided with local options to complete your roof replacement.


All bids include an upgraded roof system warranty with a 10-?year workmanship warranty.

Financial Safety

We make the financials easy and hold the roofer accountable to completing the work for you before funds are released.

Frequently Asked

by Property Owners

As a property owner, you may not know where to go when your roof needs replacement. RoofMarketplace is here to help work through the process.

What information is available about the roofers?

All bids include details about the roofer and links to their profile page and testimonials.

How can RoofMarketplace accurately measure my roof and property?

RoofMarketplace has partnered with the industry leader in cutting-edge aerial measurement technology. Through the use of aerial imagery, we are able to provide all the details about the roof measurements including total size, information about the ridges, valleys, and pitch, along with other additional details.

Are the roofing contractors in RoofMarketplace licensed and do they have insurance?

All roofers are required to document their current applicable licenses and insurance information. RoofMarketplace does make every effort possible to verify that all information is current. However, when you select any contractor to work with you, it is encouraged to verify the contractor’s documentation as well, before signing a contract.

Will I get calls from contractors wanting to meet with me in person?

You will not receive any calls until your contact information is shared by your insurance carrier or you.

Is RoofMarketplace the contractor or general contractor on my roof marketplace job?

No. RoofMarketplace provides a world class technology platform to enable insurance carriers, roofers and homeowner the ability to easily transact the roof bid and replacement documentation process. All work authorizations are between you and the roofer.

How are deductibles handled?

Per the work authorization, you will be responsible to pay the roofer any applicable deductibles prior to work commencing, with the balance of the funds from the claim proceeds held until the work is completed.