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Our platform brings qualified leads to vetted, local contractors.

The RoofMarketplace 


Increased Revenue

Revenue from every request regardless if you win the job.

Quick Process

Bid jobs in less than five minutes through the RoofMarketplace platform.

Solid Leads

Qualified opportunities requiring actionable bids.

Seamless Connection

Fast and efficient – RoofMarketplace combines scope details with accurate aerial imagery to build a details request that is easily bid on by the contractor online without any onsite visits.

Local Opportunities

Only bid opportunities in your local markets. You know how to bid profitable work in your core markets.

Frequently Asked

by Roofers

By partnering with RoofMarketplace, you get the option to bid on the jobs that best fit your company.

Can I save bid packages?

You can easily create and edit your bid packages that will save you time entering all the details on each bid. You can include preferred materials, warranty information and other claim details that the homeowner will use to evaluate and compare the estimate.

How long does it take to bid a request

Contractors can easily bid requests in less than five minutes online.

What are the fees?

Contractors only pay when work is secured with a signed work authorization. A commission fee based on the material type will be billed to the contractor’s credit card.

What happens if the scope is different from the original request?

All bids are submitted for the scope of work completed in the request. Any onsite issues identified would be reported as a change order for approval by the insurance carrier or insured.

What must be included in the estimate?

Bids must include the total labor and material costs to complete roof per local code requirements along with any taxes, fees and permit costs that would need to be included.

Can I contact the customer?

When contact information is shared to you, you can follow up with the customer to close the deal.

How do I get access to opportunities in my area?

To apply to be a member of the RoofMarketplace contractor network, please complete this brief Roofer Introduction Questionnaire, and a RoofMarketplace representative will contact you shortly.

Does RoofMarketplace retain any of my credit card or financial information?

No. RoofMarketplace has partnered with a third-party payment system that processes the payments for us. RoofMarketplace does not retain any financial information in our databases.